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June 10 – 16

June 11: Ahmadi man shot dead in Karachi

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A man belonging to the Ahmad community was shot dead while two others sustained bullet wounds in a gun attack on their car. Hamid Chaudhry, 49, Salman Zaman, 22, and Osama, 17, were passing through Bretto Road when they were targeted in a drive-by shooting. Dawn

June 11: Shia doctor killed in Peshawar

A Shia doctor was critically injured while his armed bodyguard was killed in crossfire when militants attacked the two in the Dabgari Gardens area. Dr Shakir Hussain, an assistant professor at Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), had left his clinic along with his brother Dr Altaf Hussain when three assailants, disguised in police uniforms, intercepted them in a kidnapping bid.

A tussle ensued with the kidnappers when the guards refused to surrender their weapons, which led to the attackers opening fire, killing the doctor’s bodyguard on the spot. Dr Altaf was injured while one of the militants was also killed when another bodyguard opened fire. The militants were members of a sectarian group. Express Tribune

June 12: Even in death, the Ahmadiyya community is discriminated against

Jadeed Qabristan (graveyard) is located near Murree Road, in the heart of the garrison city of Rawalpindi. A signboard dangling outside the house of the gravedigger reads: “It’s prohibited to bury Mirzais here.” ‘Mirzai’ and ‘Qadiyani’ are derogatory terms used against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. For decades, Ahmadis have faced persecution at the hands of religious extremists and right wing forces. Dawn

June 13: Ahmadi owned magazine’s office under siege in Lahore


The vigilante siege of an office, where a weekly magazine owned by an Ahmadi family is produced, has not been lifted two months after it began. Since the siege began, the circulation and publishing of the weekly, The Lahore, has stopped completely. The siege is being carried out by anti-Ahmadi activists, who have not only stopped the magazine’s administration from entering the office, but also have not let them take away the printed material and furniture from the office.
The men patrol the spot round-the-clock so that nothing can be removed from the premises. The protesters had previously lodged several allegedly false FIRs under the blasphemy law against Ahmadis. Express Tribune

June 15: Womens’ University bus attacked by female suicide bomber

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A bomb was detonated in the parking lot of a women’s university in Quetta, killing 14 female students and injuring as many as 19 other students. When these victims were shifted to the Bolan Medical Complex, a second blast took place and as many as 14 terrorists stormed the hospital. They killed four FC personnel and the local deputy commissioner who responded to the attack.

Security forces surrounded the hospital before commandoes stormed the complex and killed the attackers. At least four attackers were killed while one suspect was arrested. The outlawed sectarian extremist group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), claimed credit for the grisly attacks. Express Tribune

June 16: Two polio workers killed in Swabi

Unidentified gunmen shot dead two male polio vaccination workers, Aziz Muhammad and Muhammad Shiraz Khan, in Kandaro Banda in Pabbini village. It was later learnt that after the attack, the remaining teams were asked to suspend the anti-polio campaign till further orders.

It was the second attack on anti-polio vaccinators in the district. The News


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