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June 24 – 30

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June 24: Policeman killed in attack on polio vaccination team

Unknown gunmen attacked a polio vaccination team in Swabi. The two lady health workers remained safe while a policeman in charge of their protection was killed. No group has claimed responsibility for the crime so far.  Dawn

June 24: Threats made to chief lawyer of abused Christian women

Militants have threatened to kill Sardar Mushtaq Gill, chief lawyer for the Christian women who were forced to parade naked by supporters of the PML-N. Gill is also the head of the Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) group. Pakistan Christian Post

June 24: Two girls and their mother killed over a video

Two teenage girls and their mother were killed in Chilas. One of the suspected killers, the girls’ stepbrother, allegedly wanted to restore the honor of his family after a video of the girls enjoying the rain became public.Dawn

June 24: Man killed in bomb attack on mosque

A suspected sectarian attack on a mosque in Gangi Payyan village in Martha has left one person dead and another critically injured. According to police, gunmen had opened fire on the cleric of the mosque over a dispute regarding some graves in the mosque. Several neighbors rushed to the scene in the aftermath of the attack, when a bomb at the premises exploded, killing one man identified as Fazl-e-Hadi.  Tribune

June 26: Investigators believe Bomb attack on SHC judge could be sectarian in nature

A bomb targeting SHC Justice Baqar in Karachi left nine people dead and fifteen injured. Investigators said the Judge, who is a Shia Muslim, was on the hit-list of several banned militant groups. The Tehrik-e-Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack on the basis that the Judge had passed decisions against militants in contradiction to the “˜Shariah’. Daily Times

June 30: Bomb blast kills 28 people from Shia Hazara community in Quetta

A suicide bomber blew himself up close to Ali Ibn-Abu-Talib Imambargah killing 28 men and women from a Shia Hazara community, and injuring around 60 others. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for this attack. This has been the second major attack against Hazaras in the last five months. Dawn

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