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Sherry Rehman

President, Jinnah Institute

Hundreds of people have lost livelihoods in the stock market crash brought about by govt dithering and uncertainty. The dollar has taken wing, gas prices are through the roof, and no economic plan by those who daily critiqued resort to IMF. Is the 100 days only about this? Sad


Abid Qaiyum Suleri

Executive Director SDPI

To me, it ll be much easier 4 GOP to achieve macro-fiscal stability through an IMF loan, without neglecting the alternative sources of funding & taking care of social protection.


Haris Gazdar

Senior Researcher, Collective for Social Science Research

Going to the IMF is not Imran Khan’s ‘fault’. Most sensible observers could have predicted this even 3 years ago when the PML-N’s narrative about CPEC led growth was in full swing. The ‘fault’ is not letting PML-N pay the political price of its disastrous economic management!


Khurram Husain

Business Editor at Dawn newspaper

Meanwhile foreign exchange reserves of the State Bank drop by $627 million between Sept 19 and 28 (latest data just released). I don’t recall the last time I saw a drop this steep. Anyone care for a policy direction soon? Or are we still at gnashing our teeth at each other?


Nasim Zehra

Journalist & Author

Govt goes to the IMF. Govt increases water charges. Govt’s increases gas prices.Govt taken steps that have led to inflation. StockMarket tumbled down by 1300 points. Management of the economy is a colossal complex & sober task so tall claims & opposition-mode by govt unwarranted.


Miftah Ismail

Former Federal Minister of Finance

2)Going to IMF was only wrong in Purana Pakistan and showed a lack of strategy and imagination. In Naya Pakistan it is kosher.


Mushahid Hussain


‘Naya Pakistan’ 2 U-turns in succession: PTI regime talked of ‘breaking the begging bowl’, but now is rushing to get IMF bailout ; IG Police Punjab removed on eve of bye-elections, because incumbent was ‘too independent’/resisted political pressure. Goodbye to good governance!


Hammad Azhar

Minister of State for Revenue, Government of Pakistan

The challenge for the #PTI govt is to use the space offered by the bailout to undertake much delayed structural reforms so that we end the spiral of this debt dependancy.


Omar R Quraishi


The stock market fell over 7% in less than a week – mainly due to the Government’s indecision over the IMF bailout

Many Insafians are justifying this loss of billions in market capitalization (& losses for those investing in stocks) by saying it was invested by the corrupt…


Syed Ali Raza Abidi

Central Vice President, ANP

Pakistan‘s policies were doing just fine until 25/07/18, even during the caretaker setup. But as soon as youthiyas took over they created panic and uncertainty which has forced them to take unpopular steps. If IMF is now the only option why was PTI claiming they won’t go for it?


Madiha Afzal

Former Member of Parliament

Officials in Islamabad said approaching the IMF became inevitable when Saudi Arabia turned down a request to delay payments for oil imports last week.


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