August 25 – 31, 2014

August 26: Shrine bombed in Mastung

The shrine of a revered Sufi saint was left completely destroyed after an explosive planted on the site went off. The shrine, belonging to Sheikh Taqi Baba, was located in the main commercial area of Mastung city in Balochistan. The attack caused panic in the adjoining areas, and left the city in a tense situation. One woman was wounded in the attack. Dawn

August 26 : School set on fire in Panjaur

A group of armed men torched a private school in Panjgur and threatened to close down all twenty three of the area’s private schools if the institutions continued to use the co-education system. The assailants entered the school on motorcycles and doused petrol on the principal’s office before setting it on fire. The school itself was closed at the time of the attack due to a strike, but much of its furniture, several computers and all of its records were destroyed in the fire. Express Tribune

August 29: Government high school attacked in Landikotal

A bomb planted by unidentified militants went off near Government High School, Landikotal, damaging the main gate and boundary wall. It was the third attack on a school in the last week, as militants across the country have continued to oppose education initiatives. Express Tribune

August 29: Six killed in Awaran shrine attack

Six worshippers from a minority sect were left dead after gunmen opened fire at a shrine in the town of Awaran in Balochistan. Seven others were wounded in the attack, which had not been claimed by any group. The victims belonged to the Zikri sect, which is a largely indigenous sect of the province. Extremist militants have increasingly begun to target minorities in Balochistan, with hundreds of Hazara Shias also killed by gunmen in the recent past. The Nation