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Indian Aggression

Mosharraf Zaidi‏

Policy Analyst


Just to be clear: #Balakot is not in Azad Kashmir. If Indian Air Force planes dropped payload in Balakot, they crossed across the LOC, and then across the entirety of Azad Kashmir, and then into Khyber Pakhtukhwa. India didn’t “cross the LOC”. It has attacked Pakistan.

Asma Shirazi‏



Indian jets violated our boundary, intruded inside Pakistan, came close to Balkot, KPK, crossing over Kashmir. My simple question is Why did we let them go?

Asma Shirazi‏



Local journalists tell @AJEnglish that location of Indian payload drop appears to be Jaba, an uninhabited forest area in Mansehra district located about 10km from border with Pakistan-administered Kashmir and 60km from LoC.

Asad Hashim



Local journalists tell @AJEnglish that location of Indian payload drop appears to be Jaba, an uninhabited forest area in Mansehra district located about 10km from border with Pakistan-administered Kashmir and 60km from LoC.

Moeed Pirzada

TV Anchor


Crucial thing to determine the nature of this incursion is if Indian Mirage planes stayed inside Pakistani territory for 3-4 minutes, as it looks from ISPR statement or for 21 minutes as Indian media claim. ISPR should share their trajectory with media to clarify this confusion

Khurram Dastigr Khan

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs


“Pak should strive diplomatically to get revoked OIC invitation to India~Or Pak should boycott the meeting. The “I” in OIC stands for Islamic. How can a country guilty of savage repression of IO Kashmiri Muslims be guest of honour?” ~Spoke in National Assembly on Indian incursion

Hamid Mir

TV Anchor


Indian Foreign Secretary never clarified which Balakot was attacked?In KPK or AJK?He never took any questions from media after reading a statement because he was aware media will ask for evidence

Dr. Yasmin Rashid

Provincial Minister For Primary & Secondary Healthcare


The only thing that India has dropped with its claimed attack into the sovereign territory of Pakistan, is its farce of being a peaceful neighbour. It may be election year for Modi but to endanger regional peace for vested interest is nothing short of insanity! #PakistanZindabad

Farrukh K. Pitafi

TV Anchor


Intel based strikes take place with some credible intel info. Unless you are attacking trees, you are supposed to know which high value target you are going for. If you know whom did you target you can pray tell so that we can start parading them on live television.

Sherry Rehman

President, Jinnah Institute


Make no mistake:in any hour of Indian aggression Pakistan unites to stand by our brave #PakForces .High time the govt woke up to its responsibilities and called a joint session of parliament to send a clear, powerful message to the world:we don’t want war but we r ready for it.

Imtiaz Gul‏

Policy Analyst


What a claim: 12 fighter aircraft, dropped a mere 1000 kg bombs, and before heading back from #Balakot they also counted 300 dead bodies in the dark of early morning. Quite a stunning script of a Bollywood film

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor

Spokesperson Pakistan Armed Forces


Indian aircrafts’ intrusion across LOC in Muzafarabad Sector within AJ&K was 3-4 miles.Under forced hasty withdrawal aircrafts released payload which had free fall in open area. No infrastructure got hit, no casualties. Technical details and other important information to follow.

Twitter Reactions to Alleged Indian Air Strikes in Pakistan



Bushra Gohar

Central Vice President, ANP


#SMQ very unconvincing press briefing, playing with words…Seems the meeting didn’t go too well.

Meher Bokhari

Journalist & Anchor


3/so the stalemate has been broken claims FM @SMQureshiPTI but wout much fanfare or mutual agreement? No joint presser or declaration. However one that followed SMQs independent one, press statement from DC ends in NEED 4 PK 2 take “sustained & decisive measures against terrorists”

Farhatullah Babar

Former Senator


Pompeo met army chief separately even after joint meeting with PM. Gen Dunford, not Pompeo, should have separately met army chief. Tradition of foreign civilian leaders making beeline to GHQ continues. So does the back seat driving and ‘same page’ mantra # Naya Pakistan.

Gharidah Farooqi



In his meeting with COAS Bajwa, Secy Pompeo “conveyed” the “need” for Pakistan to take “sustained” & “decisive” measures against “terrorists and militants threatening regional peace & stability” Isn’t this “Do More?” We need @ForeignOfficePk @SMQureshiPTI to clarify pls #NoMore

Mariana Baabar



2) So @ImranKhanPTI meets @SecPompeo in presence of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa Good decision as late Ghulam Ishaq Khan would say.Late president would even have meeting with Americans in President House with PM and COAS to send message that all on one page.

Baqir Sajjad

Foreign Affairs / National Security Correspondent at Dawn


Another important reason for being skeptical is the US shortsighted policy of viewing the mil-to-mil ties has the basis for any forward movement. This was emphasized both by @SecPompeo & @thejointstaff in their press talk. Relations need a wider basis for them to grow.

Nasim Zehra

Journalist & Author


Stalemate continues – conversation continues in circles- Pakistan clearly and firmly expressed its concerns. Washington ‘s demands remained intact. Pakistan should be in no hurry to ‘fix matters.’ Washington needs to revisit its simplistic approach to the region.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Foreign Minister of Pakistan


Met with @SecPompeo at Islamabad earlier today. Today’s meeting was the beginning of a new dawn after a spell of darkness. The atmosphere was cordial, and one of mutual respect and understanding. And we think that’s a great start for a reset.

Syed Talat Hussain



Pompeo, Dunford get cold, minimal reception upon arrival. Islamabad is seething with anger over Trump Admn harshness.

Sherry Rehman

President, Jinnah Institute


America will continue to see push-back from Afghanistan, regardless of the 2+2 process it’s investing in. Unfortunately Pompeo’s visit to Islamabad will only underscore the disconnect on the ground if the US team decides to position all Taliban discontent as made-in-Pakistan. US Readout from the #PompeoVisit. See last few lines. Expects “decisive” action from Islamabad. Nothing new at all. Yet...

Reset or Preset? Reactions to Pak-US ties under Pakistan's new government