South Asia in Transition: Finding Stability in the Third Nuclear Age

Introduction The month of May marked 23 years since Pakistan and India tested their atomic bombs and gatecrashed (more…)


Beyond the Budget: Ways to Break the Fiscal Holding Pattern

Salman Zaidi –Director Jinnah Institute

Dr. Asad Sayeed – Associate Fellow at IDEAS

Salman Zaidi and Dr. Asad Sayeed reflect on the federal budget and discuss the structural bottlenecks ailing Pakistan’s economy.

This conversation contextualises the weak structural foundations of Pakistan’s economy, necessary to mark out a prognosis for recovery in a post-COVID future. Dr. Asad Sayeed critically evaluates the policy instruments used by the government in the midst of the pandemic on the benchmark of their impact on growth, stabilisation and on alleviating the stress that the poor and vulnerable have been subjected to.