This essay knits together disparate news from Kashmir to understand the situation on ground four months into the Kashmir lockdown.

150 Days – The Kashmir Lockdown

More than 150 days have passed since the inhabitants of Indian occupied Kashmir were stripped of normalcy in their daily...


#InPerspective – Environmental Needs and Rights

In this latest feature on ‘Environment and Rights’, experts discuss the nexus between demographic stress and climate induced vulnerabilities. The pressures on marginalized groups exacerbate as they move from rural to urban settings, where per capita water, food, and energy allocations are diminishing. Pakistan’s labour slowly be opting out of the agricultural sector, but the overall economy is firmly entrenched in the water-guzzling primary sector. How and when Pakistan’s adaptation mechanisms can reduce vulnerability through evidence backed forecasts becomes the subject of debate in In Perspective.

Experts Aisha Khan, Shafqat Kakakhel and Zeba Sathar speak with Salman Zaidi.