Round Tables


Austerity Budget: Assessing the Impact on Development and Pro-poor Growth

The federal budget 2019-2020 and the government’s economic policy will have disastrous consequences for Pakistan’s middle income groups, who are expected to face a 40 percent compression in disposable income...

Reckoning with Modi 2.0, Is the Region Prepared

On 25/06/19 Jinnah Institute held a closed-door policy roundtable to discuss the state of the India-Pakistan relationship, as well as prevailing geopolitical tensions in South Asia. The roundtable was chaired...

The New Frontier: Exploring East-West Connectivity

Pakistan needs to abandon short term security driven policy frameworks for connectivity for a long term approach that privileges domestic economic interests and commerce. This was the key takeaway from...

Transgender Rights and Political Participation

Encouraging strides have been made for transgender people’s rights in the legislature, but much needs to be done to increase their political participation and integration into society. This was the...