February 10 – 16, 2014

February 10: Three teachers shot in Hangu

Unidentified militants gunned down three teachers who were returning to their homes from school in Kach Bandha, Hangu.

The teachers, identified as Faqir Hussain, Syed Khalil, and Muhammad Khan, were attacked by unidentified armed men riding a motorcycle. The attackers opened fire and killed all three on the spot, after which they managed to escape. Two of the teachers belonged to the Shia sect, while one was Sunni. Express Tribune

February 11: Cinema bombed in Peshawar

At least 13 persons were killed and 23 others injured when unknown attackers hurled grenades inside the Shama Cinema in Peshawar. Despite stringent security measures and a number of guards on the site, the attackers managed to quietly enter the cinema and attack the viewers with three hand grenades. The Nation

February 13: Taliban threaten Kalash tribe,  Ismailis in Chitral

The Pakistani Taliban have announced an “armed struggle” against the indigenous Kalaash tribe as well as the Ismaili Muslims  living in the Chitral Valley. The militant group made this threat in a recently released 50 minute video, in which they also called on “Sunnis” to support their cause. Pakistan Today

February 14: Another teacher shot at in Hangu

A primary school teacher was shot and injured by unidentified militants in the outskirts of Hangu. Munawar Hussain was on his way home after school when two men on a motorcycle opened fire on him. Taking evasive action, the teacher jumped into a roadside pit but was still shot in the leg. Express Tribune

February 14: Bomb defused outside school in Hangu

An explosive device was defused by the bomb disposal squad (BDS) near a private school building in Thal, Hangu. Unidentified militants had planted a low-intensity bomb outside the Muslim Model School in Tandoro. However a passerby spotted the bomb in the early hours of the morning and informed the police, who called for the BDS to defuse the bomb. Express Tribune

February 14: Clash between students on Valentine’s Day 

Peshawar University witnessed violent clashes between rival student groups after the celebration of two different events on February 14th. While one group was celebrating Valentine’s Day, another was observing Haya Day (modesty day), which had been established as an antithesis to the former event.

According to eyewitnesses, students affiliated with the Haya Day commemorations began to attack those celebrating Valentine’s Day, leading to widespread riots and gunfire. Local police were eventually called in and arrested thirteen students, but not before several rooms in the student hostels were set on fire. Express Tribune

February 15: Imambargah attacked in Peshawar

Unidentified people attacked an imambargah with a hand grenade in Peshawar, causing considerable damage to the worship place. No loss of life was reported in the attack although the caretaker of the building was wounded. The imambargah is located in Kuchi bazaar area of old Peshawar city. Daily Times

February 15: Government School attacked in Hangu

Unknown assailants blew up a government high school in Hangu’s Tora Warai area. Explosive material was planted in three classrooms of the school, causing extensive damage to the building. The attack also left the school’s watchman injured. Dawn

February 16: Polio team attacked in Peshawar

A constable of the Frontier Reserve Police (FRP) was killed and another injured in a bomb attack on Charsadda Road. Both officers were assigned to provide security for polio-vaccination teams.

The explosion, which was via an improvised explosive device (IED) took place after a police van had dropped two men off to report for duty. It was contended that the van itself was the intended target, but escaped the attack because it was equipped with a signal jammer. Dawn