Nasim Zehra

Nasim Zehra is a prominent expert on foreign affairs and national security. As an analyst on Pakistan’s political experiences and international security issues, Ms. Zehra has written and lectured widely nationally and internationally. She has written as a syndicated columnist for Inter-Press Services (IPS) and for national dailies and journals including The News and the Defence Journal. In the Arab world she has written regularly for the Gulf News, Dubai-based Khaleej Times and the Jeddah-based Arab News. Ms. Zehra regularly lectures at the National Defence College, Command and Staff College, the Air War College, the Institute for Strategic Studies Islamabad and National Institute for Public Affairs. Ms. Zehra is also a fellow of Harvard University Asia Center and has taught as an adjunct Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She has served on Pakistan’s Presidential Advisory Committee on Foreign Policy and National Security from 2000-2002 and was appointed as Pakistan’s Special Envoy on UN Reforms in 2005. Beyond writing for the press and teaching, Ms. Zehra is currently working on her book, From Kargil to the Coup : 40 Days that Shook Pakistan.