Quatrina Hosain

Is Karachi attack prelude to another round of incessant terror attacks nationwide? Eerie lull these past few weeks indicative of new phase.

Azhar Abbas

TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid claims responsibility of Khi airport attack, says they have now re-launched attacks after failure of talks.

Mosharraf Zaidi

I am on PK 319. We were scheduled to land at midnight in Karachi. Plane landed at Nawabshah. All well here. Prayers for Karachi airport.

Adil Najam

‪#‎TaftanMassacre and ‪#‎KarachiAirport: Can we please start fighting the war that is not ours but keeps taking ours from us?

Omar Quraishi

The image of terrorists armed with RPGs running across the tarmac of Karachi airport, taking positions near the runway, damage is done.

Rameeza Nizami

Only PTV sounding confident right now. Might be the inspirational background music. Everyone else tired, confused, resigned to the chaos.

Zahid Hussain

Terrorists once again managed to target high security zone; exposes ineptness of you security and intelligence agencies.

Ali Dayan


Raza Rumi

Terrorists could have wreaked more havoc and their plans to hijack and/or destroy planes were foiled. Credit where it’s due. #Pakistan

Ejaz Haider

#Finale: X no of terrorists killed; Y no of security personnel felled; Z no of aircraft damaged. Spectacle created. Mission accomplished.