Syed Talat Hussain

Trump has okayed possible ‘inland attacks’ in case Pakistan doesnt dismantle alleged Haqqani set-up, claim diplomatic sources.

Bushra Gohar

Will the Parliament continue to remain a silent spectator? We have lost precious lives due to flawed foreign & security policies.

Abdul Basit

US is either clueless or deliberately complicating matters in Afghanistan..

Nasim Zehra

Trump’s shoutOut 2 Delhi 4 coop in Afghanistan/globally: let’s together ward off growing Rusia-China influence-ur kiling Kashmiris is kosher

Imtiaz Gul

Trump speech=old wine in new flashy bottle=precipitating existing geo-political divisions (Indo-US-Afgh) vs Pak-Sino-Russia= more escalation

Asad Umar

There is no solution if afghanistan without bringing all segments of afghanistan onboard and addressing legitimate concerns of Pakistan

Mosharraf Zaidi

To date, US taxpayers have put over $714 billion in Afghanistan. Pakistan total GDP is about $300 billion. But yeah. All Pakistan’s fault.

Mushahid Husain

New US South Asian & Afghanistan strategy’ is confusing, convoluted & clueless: is purpose to take on the Taliban or talk to the Taliban?

Ali Dayan Hasan

#India stabilizing #Afghanistan is about as likely as Pakistan liberating Kashmir or Trump emerging as a civil rights icon. Great plan!

Sherry Rehman

I’m sorry, but others need to “do more ” in Afghanistan, not Pakistan. Guess we were ok as long as the supply lines were needed. Moving on