Bina Shah

Never thought I would see a US-Iran nuclear deal in my lifetime. Repercussions for entire region huge. Fascinating times ahead.

Hasan Zaidi

Iran Foreign Minister says a breakthrough has been made in international nuclear talks. Israel in deep mourning.

Farrukh Pitafi

Should we still not call @JohnKerry a miracle worker? Let’s see how he handles the Saudis & Israel after this development.

Wajahat Ali

.@BarackObama quoting JFK: “let us never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate” #IranTalks #IranDeal

Nuzhat S. Siddiqi

Great. Even the #US is talking somewhat pleasantly to #Iran. Will #India and #Pakistan grow up to be like that? (Minus the bombing threats).

Moeed Pirzada

Earthquake in Middle East for Israel & Saudi Arabia: Iran & the US finally struck a deal! Region is turned upside down, Watch my words!!

Raza Rumi

Wow. #history MT @WhiteHouse: “In return for Iran’s actions, international community has agreed to provide Iran w/ relief from certain sanctions”- Obama

Mosharraf Zaidi

Riyadh is going to need a long shower to wash off the glitter from the Iran/P5+1 party over in Tehran right now.

Talat Aslam

Is Iran finally coming in from the cold after decades of being a pariah? As a neighbour, Pakistan needs to have a long, hard policy rethink.

Abbas Nasir

Pakistan’s new reality: soon a sanctions-free Iran for a neighbour. Hope we are ready.