Gen Ghulam Mustafa-R

KSA+8 vs Qatar. All not lost. Pak +Turkey, two Muslim world heavy weights should join hands, help initiate dialogue between 2 sides ASAP.

Zarrar Khuhro‏

Make no mistake about it, the pain being applied to Qatar is a preview. Pakistan will also face immense pressure to openly ally w KSA agnst Iran and its allies.

Farrukh K. Pitafi

This kind of parochialism is bound to further shrink your sphere of influence.

Shireen Mazari‏

Situation gets murkier in GCC raising more question marks on KSA-led mly alliance – with GCC mbrs + Egypt turning on 1 of their own:Qatar

M. Raza Ahmad Rumi

Will Qatar sacrifice Al Jazeera to mend regional ties? by @CRrileyCNN It would be a terrible choice, if ever made.

Adil Najam عادل نجم

#Gulf #GCC always a deeply troubled & troubling place. Stay clear of #Saudi machinations, #Pakistan. You will be asked to take sides. Don’t.

Moeed Pirzada

Arab Coalition’s treatment of tiny Qatar & the ridiculous accusations levelled are another low point in Muslim history; and it won’t work.

Mosharraf Zaidi

How does the GCC vs GCC vs Iran strife affect Pakistan? We need balance in the GCC, thru equilibrium at home.

Sherry Rehman

Dangerous faultlines in the Middle East metastasising fast. #Qatar now in the eye of a new storm over news leaks.