The Centigrade Platform

The Centigrade is a platform focused on spurring policy discourse, knowledge-based collaborations and resilience advocacy in Pakistan’s climate and environment space. Housed in Jinnah Institute’s intellectual base, it is designed as a series of creative interventions on the country’s landmark global exposure and local challenges to climate change.

The idea behind this platform is to create not just a science-based climate leadership and communications forum for amplifying the scale and urgency of the emergencies facing communities, but to foster capacity and responses in a large envelope of emerging and existing crises, both sectoral and national.

Given the large, intensifying terrain of environmental, climate and pollution responses needed in Pakistan, many of which compete for capacity and resources, the identification of priorities for civil society, the development and public sector or multilateral and bilateral partners is not a new problem, but a growing one. Creating an added resource for promoting responsible and realistic choices is not even the need of the hour, but in balance, only one of the dots in an uncharted map that needs many more actors to connect to form a more coherent space. The task of moving communities, public and business sectors in any timelined roadmap for resilience and reduction in emissions will need critical mass, regular stock takes and more thought leadership and critical inquiry.

As we navigate the complexities of the climate crisis, the Centigrade Platform will seek to sharpen the climate discourse and policy analysis, by looking to address a range of critical issues including adaptation and mitigation, water and food security, climate finance, multilateral engagement, carbon sequestration, energy transition, and urban resilience.

The Centigrade Platform will also seek to identify key holes in our climate responses, with a special focus on gendered vulnerability, including under-served and marginalised communities that are unable to find new purpose and economic security in a frontline of serial climate disruption.

Through immersive convenings at different levels of expert engagement, policy briefs, multimedia content and national conferences, we will aim to foster a deeper understanding of structural, systemic and emerging challenges by disseminating expert insights for leadership advocacy and informed public stakes in action.