Youth from Tharparkar seek to rebuild Jinnah’s Pakistan: Seek Equity

ISLAMABAD 10th July, 2011: A group of 70 students from Tharparkar District, Sindh expressed concern over the state of education, social development and levels of corruption in their district. Most of the students belonged to minority communities and had travelled outside of their district for the first time.

The Jinnah Institute hosted a capacity building workshop on developing policy solutions for youth leaders from Tharparker.   The workshop was designed to encourage critical thinking and devising strategies to address developmental challenges.

Students unanimously identified the lack of education in their areas as a major challenge.  They said we need to encourage merit and eradicate cheating. They believed that the quality of teachers could be improved by offering better incentives and rewarding dedicated teachers. They also demanded a uniform system of education in the country.Afghan Endgame
Sehar Tariq, Program Manager, Jinnah Institute, introduced the young leaders to Jinnah’s vision for a united and progressive Pakistan. The Jinnah Institute team shared Jinnah’s core values and guiding principles for a just and prosperous society in a presentation that highlighted the Quaid’s aspirations for a society free of corruption and intolerance.

Citing the example of local projects students demanded a more transparent and devolved decision making process in order to increase local control of projects. They said that benefits from local projects, like jobs and local development must trickle down to the local communities