December 15 – 21, 2014

December 15: NGO-run school bombed in Charsadda

The building of a private school run by a non-government organisation was blown up in Kang by unknown militants. The perpetrators had planted an improvised explosive device near the building of Miss Sonia Public School, which destroyed several classrooms as well as a water purification plant installed for the students. Dawn

December 16: Army Public School attacked in Peshawar

At least 132 schoolchildren and 10 staff members were killed when heavily armed militants stormed an army-run public school in Peshawar. The militants laid siege to the school for several hours, during which they attacked children and teachers indiscriminately. The attack was the bloodiest in Pakistan’s history, and drew unanimous condemnation and condolences from across the world. Dawn

December 20: Shia activist killed in Khairpur

A local Shia activist in the Khairpur region was shot dead outside his house, leading to a complete shut down in his local town as angry protesters took to the streets. Abbas Hyder Zaidi, 45, was an active member of a local council for Shia activists. Dawn