January 27 – February 2, 2014

January 27: Shia leader gunned down in Khanpur

Pakistan’s wave of sectarian violence on its Shia community continued, as a member of a local Shia association was shot down in Khanpur. Ghulam Mustafa, a member of the Jamia Ali Akbar Trust and owner of a Medical Centre, was on his way home from the mosque when unidentified men riding a motorcycle shot at him and fled. The incident was followed by several protest rallies organised by members of the Shia community. Express Tribune

January 28: Ismaili school owner killed in Napier, Karachi

A member of the Ismaili community was shot dead in the Napier Road area in Karachi. The 53 year old Mohammed Iqbal, who owned a private school in Lyari, was leaving work when two assailants riding on a motorcycle intercepted his car, fired at him and rode away. Dawn

January 28: Banker shot dead in Karachi

A local bank manager was shot down in an apparently sectarian attack. Although the victim was a member of the Sunni sect, police believed that he was targeted due to an inscription on his car which bore the slogan ‘Ya Hussain’, a call for help to the third Imam of Shia Muslims. Dawn

January 29: School damaged in Charsadda

Militants across Pakistan continued their targeting of educational institutions with yet another attack on a local school. The latest incident took place in Charsadda, where two classrooms were partially damaged when explosives planted inside a school building went off. Express Tribune

February 2: Five killed in attack on Peshawar cinema

At least five people were killed and 31 wounded when unidentified attackers hurled two grenades at a cinema in Peshawar. The attack on the Picture House Cinema took place as approximately 90 people were watching a late night show. A stampede following the blasts was responsible for many of the resultant injuries. Daily Times