January 5 – 11, 2015

January 6: Two Shia brothers shot dead in Karachi 

Two brothers were killed in a sectarian attack in the busy Gol Market in Nazimabad. Salman Shabbir, 22, was left dead after motorcycle-bound gunmen opened fire at him while he was tending to his shop. His 20-year old brother, Asad, who had hidden in a neighbouring shop, was then chased down and killed by the assailants. Dawn

January 7: Shopkeeper killed in another Karachi sectarian attack

A party member of the banned extremist group, Ahle-Sunna-wal-Jamaat was shot dead in an attack by armed motorcyclists. The 27-year-old Abdul Latif was on his way to his store when he was targeted. A 40-year-old passer-by, Haider Ali, also sustained bullet wounds in the attack. Both victims were taken to a local hospital, where the former was pronounced dead on arrival.Dawn 

January 8: Another Shia gunned down in Karachi

A young man, whose brother was killed a few months ago in a sectarian attack, was shot dead in a target-killing style attack in Paposh Nagar. 25-year-old Syed Salman Rizvi, who was a member of the Shia political party Majlis Wahdat-i-Muslimeen, was the third Shia killed in as many days in the city. Dawn

January 9: Bomb blast at Rawalpindi Imambargah

 A powerful explosion tore through an imambargah in a densely populated area of Rawalpindi, killing at least eight people and injuring at least 16 others. An Eid Milad-un-Nabi (PBUH) congregation was being observed at the imambargah at the time of the blast, which was carried out by a suicide bomber.  Authorities believe the bomber tried enter the Imambargah Aun Mohammad Rizvi in Chatian Hatian but was stopped at the entrance. at which point he detonated the explosives he was wearing. Dawn

January 10: Shia doctor killed in Peshawar

A prominent Shia doctor, Syed Mohammad, was shot dead at his private clinic in Hayatabad Township by armed men. The killing was the latest in a current spate of targeted attacks on Shia professionals in the city. Dawn