June 16 – 22, 2014

June 16: Shopkeeper killed in Karachi sectarian attack

A shopkeeper was shot dead in a sectarian attack in Azizabad. Akram Jafferi, 45, was sitting at his store when gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire at him, leaving him fatally wounded. The Azizabad area is one of the city’s several Shia enclaves, and has been the site of many sectarian killings. Dawn

June 17: School room set ablaze in Quetta

Unidentified people set ablaze a primary school’s class room in Killi Fazal Shah area of Clashman Chozi, Quetta. The resulting fire caused the destruction of equipment worth thousand of rupees. Daily Times

June 20: Shrine bombed near Islamabad

A low-intensity bomb ripped through a shrine on the outskirts of the federal capital, leaving dozens of devotees injured.  The explosion took place at Banga Sarkar shrine in the Pindorian area, 20km east of Islamabad. The bomb, weighing 4kgs, was planted under the seat of the caretaker of the shrine. Over 200 devotees were at the shrine when the bomb went off. Express Tribune

June 22: Religious group leader injured in Rawalpindi

A local religious group leader, Farooq Muawiah, was shot at and injured by two unknown bikers at Khayaban-e-Sir Syed. Two other men travelling with the victim at the time remained unhurt. Muawiah was going home in a car after attending a religious conference in a mosque when the assailants ambushed him. Daily Times