Nine year old Pakistani boy creates world record

It was a historic day for the Pakistan scrabble contingent taking part in the 6th Sri Lankan Interna­tional Scrabble Champion­ship when its youngest member, nine-year old Hasham Hadi Khan, created a new world record. Hasham scoring an eye-popping 878 points in a single match against Matheesha De Silva of Sri Lanka. Hasham’s scores included a triple-triple play for his word “Gruntles” and inclu­ded three more bingos in “Sheriat, Retsina and Headers.” The scrabble prodigy was also personally congratulated by the reigning world champion, who admitted that even he had never scored more than 700 in a single game. Hasham, who was competing in his first ever international tournament, will now represent Pakistan at the World Youth Scrabble Championship which starts Aug 29. Dawn