October 13 – 19, 2014

October 14: Shopkeeper killed in Karachi sectarian attack

A 45-year-old shopkeeper was shot dead in a suspected sectarian attack in Landhi. Munir Raza was sitting at his shop when four gunmen riding motorcycles attacked him before fleeing from the scene. Dawn

October 15: Bomb blast in Peshawar shrine

A bomb blast took place on the premises of the shrine Syed Abdul Qudoos Shah commonly known as Hazrat Baba at Peshtakhara, in the suburbs of Peshawar. Although no one was hurt in the explosion, the building was left damaged by the attack. Dawn

October 16: Ahmadi man killed in Attock

Gunmen shot dead a retired air force official who was a member of the country’s Ahmadi minority. Latif Aalam Butt was killed outside his house in Kamra, district Attock by unknown gunmen. His was the seventh target killing of the besieged Ahmedi community this year alone Express Tribune

October 17: Schoolteacher injured in Bannu

Unidentified motorcyclists shot and injured a schoolteacher in Mameshkhel. The victim, Reham, taught at the Government Primary School. She was left with serious injuries after unidentified bike-riders opened fire on her when she was on way to the school. The News

October 18: ASWJ activist gunned down in Karachi

A senior activist of the outlawed sectarian organisation, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), was shot dead in a sectarian attack in Orangi Town. Maulana Ismail Khan Muavia was sitting at his shop when two assailants on a motorcycle opened fire at him.  Dawn

October 19: Private school damaged in Peshawar blast

A bomb went off at a private school in Mathra, near Peshawar in what appeared to be a case of blackmail. According to police, unidentified extortionists had demanded money from the owner of the school, which he refused to do. The explosion destroyed part of the school building. The News

October 19: Hawker killed in Karachi sectarian attack

A newspaper hawker was shot dead in a suspected sectarian attack in Joharabad in Karachi. 35-year-old Syed Abbas Akhlaq was sitting at his news-stand, when armed motorcyclists attacked him. It was the second target-killing of a Shia in the city during the week. Dawn