October 20 – 26, 2014

October 21: Young man killed in Karachi sectarian attack

A young man from Karachi’s besieged Shia community was gunned down in Liaquatabad by unknown target killers. The 25 year old Basharat Ali, whose father and an uncle were also killed in similar sectarian attacks , was targeted near Hashmi Imambargah. Dawn

October 22: Three injured in attack on polio team in Bajaur

Three people were injured when a remote-controlled explosion targeted a polio team in Bajaur. The attack was the latest in a series of violent acts on polio vaccination teams, and militants in the area had recently distributed pamphlets warning tribesmen of dire consequences if the anti-polio campaign was allowed to continue. Daily Times

October 22: Attack on bus in Quetta

Unidentified armed men killed eight members of the Hazara community in the Hazar Ganji area of Quetta. The attackers held up a bus carrying the passengers and opened fire on the vitcims. The local Shia Hazara community has faced a relentless target-killing campaign in Balochistan for the past few years. As with previous attacks, the militants were able to escape without harm. Dawn