September 15 – 21, 2014

September 17: Shia man killed in Peshawar

A Shia man and an employee of Peshawar’s Central Prison was gunned down by unknown men in Sarki in KPK province. It was unclear whether victim was targeted due to his sect or his professional occupation. Express Tribune

September 18: Professor shot dead in Karachi

Unidentified gunmen shot dead a renowned scholar and a dean of the Karachi University in Karachi this week. The well-respected Dr. Muhammad Shakil Auj, the dean of the faculty of Islamic Studies at the university, had earlier had faced accusations of blasphemy from his colleagues and had asked for police protection. Dr. Auj was notable for his liberal readings of Islamic laws, and his killing led to the university shutting down for three days in mourning. Several of his students also protested at the lack of security made available to him. Daily Times

September 20: Police defuse bomb at Gilgit mosque

Police in Gilgit managed to defuse a bomb planted near a mosque in the region’s main city. Local residents had tipped off security officials after three men entered the Ali Mosque in Gilgit City before leaving immediately. An explosive device was found planted near the mosque’s boundary wall, and the explosion could have led to major loss of life. Initial reports suggested that the planned attack had sectarian motives. Dawn

September 21: Seminary cleric killed in Rawalpindi

The deputy caretaker of Taleemul Quran seminary was shot dead in what the police said was a targeted killing. Mufti Amanullah, 34, was traveling on  on Dhamyal Road with a young student when two motorcyclists shot at him. The student, identified as Mehmood, was injured critically. The deceased was son of Maulana Ashraf Ali, the caretaker of the Taleemul Quran madressah, and was associated with banned sectarian outfits. His death led to protestors burning down an Imambargah, which led to at least one person’s death. The Taleemul Quran madressah had been previously damaged in sectarian violence in 2013. Dawn