September 22- 28, 2014

September 22: Ahmadi doctor killed in Mirpurkhas 

An Ahmadi doctor was shot dead outside his homeopathic clinic in Mirpurkhas district. Dr. Mubashir Khoso was fatally assaulted by two gunmen riding a motorcycle. Dr. Khoso had been practicing at the clinic for over fifteen years, and was the second Ahmadi doctor murdered in the area in the past six years. Express Tribune


September 25: Shia man killed in Peshawar

The recent spate of target killings against the Shia community in Peshawar continued after a prominent banker was shot dead near his home in Hayatabad. Police confirmed that the motive behind the killing was sectarian in nature. Express Tribune

September 26: Policeman shoots blasphemy accused in Islamabad prison

A policeman shot two prisoners accused of blasphemy in an Islamabad jail. Pastor Zafar Bhatti was killed in the attack, while 70-year old British citizen Mohammad Asghar, who was also suffering from mental illness, was wounded in the attack.

Bhatti, who was a prominent social activist for the country’s beleaguered Christian minority, was awaiting trial in prison after he was accused in 2012 of sending blasphemous text messages. He had recently received death threats in prison from both inmates and guards. 

The second victim, Mohammad Asghar, was arrested in 2010 and later sentenced to death after a disgruntled tenant produced letters Asghar had allegedly written in which he claimed to be a prophet. Dawn

September 28: Prayer leader attacked in Peshawar

A local prayer leader and schoolteacher was shot and wounded in an attack on Dalazak Road in Peshawar. The victim, Mujid Ali, is a Shia and police suggested that the attack was motivated by sectarian reasons. Express Tribune