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Article Alert: Sherry proposes new vision for Pak-US ties

by:   Jinnah Institute

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has proposed new vision for the ties between Islamabad and Washington and for the purpose it has set out ten-point course of action. Pakistan’s ambassador to the United...

Jinnah Institute’s Roundtable on FATA Merger: The Challenges Ahead

by:   Jinnah Institute

Key takeaways from Jinnah Institute’s roundtable on ‘FATA Merger: The Challenges Ahead’ convened to discuss progress on the merger of erstwhile FATA districts with KP and the associated bottlenecks. Why...

Education Infographic

by:   Jinnah Institute

As we undertake a detailed analysis of the 2018 elections, our infographic provides a quick snapshot of women voters and candidates. It is worth noting that the percentage of women...