Annual Report (2017-2018)


Jinnah Institute is an independent policy research and public advocacy think tank in Pakistan. Each year, Jinnah Institute produces an annual report highlighting our collective work and the impact it has had and seeks to promote independent policy research and public advocacy in Pakistan that advance the causes of:

Democratic institution building and strengthening state capacity for delivery on policy goals;
National and human security discourse with an emphasis on regional peace;
Entitlement to fundamental rights;
Accountability of public bodies and government;
Building public equity in a plural and inclusive national identity.

To meet these objectives, Jinnah Institute engages with policy-makers, government, media, civil society, state institutions and academia. The Institute actively seeks to articulate independent national security strategies for Pakistan that incorporate the country’s strategic imperatives while providing room for constructive engagement with the international community as well as policy and opinion makers.

By serving as a bridge between academia and policy-making, and focusing on capacity building for the state and other policy creating institutions, the Institute creates an enabling context and public space for ideas and resources to come together through mediums such as policy briefs, reports, lectures, seminars, round-tables and caucuses.
Within this framework, the two overarching program areas under which the Institute undertakes a variety of projects and interventions are:

a. Open Democracy Initiative
b. Strategic Security Initiative

Under these operational streams, Jinnah Institute seeks to accomplish a series of different but complementary objectives that work towards achieving the Institute’s overarching goal of establishing a more democratic, transparent and inclusive environment for policy-making and a more tolerant, open and peaceful society for the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultural, religious and ethnic groups in Pakistan.

In addition to the information in the report, a three-year record of annual reports is available below.

2018 Annual Report