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Pakistan at Risk: Challenges and Opportunities After the Flood

More than three months into the flood crisis aid lifelines for humanitarian needs and rehabilitation remain underfunded, while the governance of the largest disaster the world has seen in many decades remains a challenge for Pakistan.

A report by the Jinnah Institute finds that the only way Pakistan will rebuild itself better is if it commits to higher standards of transparency, taxation, community involvement and policy execution. The report recommends using this epochal moment as an opportunity for pushing a broad reform agenda, and draws upon a rich diversity of stakeholders and experts in the field to sketch the lines of a way forward. The report also brings together essays by prominent economists, development workers, public representatives and the head of UNOCHA and US economic assistance to Pakistan. These essays focus on economic and political security in Pakistan, and set a policy framework for rebuilding livelihoods, investing in the social sector, interagency coordination, governance reform and economic democracy in the reconstruction phase.