Ayesha Aijaz

So Iran has given up the bomb and boosted its economy potentially by $7 Billion. Wise. Lesson for "ghairatmand" Pakistanis.

Farrukh Pitafi

Okay take a deep breath, step back and think what the new development really means. Think of its impact on us. I implore u think things through.

Adil Najam

High hopes for #Iran #Nuclear deal. Full text, of what agreed: http://bit.ly/17RV9Ib Good for world; good for region.

Amir Mateen

With US-Iran breakthrough, one wonders Nawaz/Imran understand the moments events taking placearound us-let alone charter us the right way.

Marvi Sirmed

Even Iran became Amreekan agent? Iran too is sold out for $$$$$ like those in Pakistan who are against peace deal with innocent Taliban.

Hasan Zaidi

Israel is not bound by this agreement,"says Netanyahu about int'l agreementover Iran nuclear prog. Is he foaming at mouth too? #Rabid

Mosharraf Zaidi

Public diplomacy since this summer far and away, better than anything in memory, at least since Mumbai 08.

Omar Waraich

Nuclear deal is good news for #Iran, but Iranians worry that Congress may resist a permanent agreement.

Nasim Zehra

Pakistan is well-placed on the pipeline prog; also has good relations with Iran-KSA and US, so potentially its win-win for PK.

Shireen Mazari

Iran nuclear agreement with P5+1! By believing in itself & its cause, Iran compelled US to come down from war threats 2 dialogue & agreement