Maleeha Lodhi

Good for the region, good for the world. Iran, world powers deal to open new horizons.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Its rare 2 wake up 2 good news in our region. Im optimistic #IranTalks willease tensions and IA longterm end proxy wars fought on PK soil.

Haider Rizvi

Iran could become a possible route for NATO Supplies & that can push #Pakistan further in Isolation.

Ijaz Ul Haq

Whose terms have prevailed in Iran/US talks? A good breakthrough for the region and Bad news for some. Who is happy and who is not?

Sherry Rehman

#IranDeal turns a new page in global diplomacy. The world is one step away from a conflict, but this is not the whole 9 yards. Interim.