Raza Rumi

Tomorrow a suicide bomber would stand in front of these *macho* politicians and they would be saying: "Hey martyr, promise I am your friend"

Bushra Gohar

Wailing on death of a terrorist & endless debate on who is 'shaheed' is to confuse the public & distract attention from the real question.

Syed Ali Raza Abidi

It was Altaf Hussain who raised objection to Munawwer Hassan's statement on Shahadat. No other leader IN Pakistan was concerned until then.

Maryam N. Sharif

Every sane person would say that! @zubairabbasi: Love you Shahbaz Sharif =>'martyrs of war against terror are our mohsins.' This is #PMLN

Jan Achakzai

Maulana Fazalur Rahman uses "dog as martyr" in rhetorical sense