Athar Minallah

I have always been a critic of Musharaf, struggled against his rule when he was strong. But after HM declared Shaheed, what harm in pardon

Jasmeen Manzoor

My support is loud and clear to all those shaheed who gave their lives for Pakistan! The real fauj is the Jawan on the post not the general

Khalid Zaheer

Qur'an says "Let not enmity of a nation incline u to be unfair; be fair, that's closest to piety." Our leaders say US enmity makes u Shaheed

Sheryrar Taseer

Hakimulllah Mehsud is as much shaheed as Hitler is a saint, #Pakistan #Taliban

Mohammed Hanif

Maulana F quotes Maulana A.Kalam Azad to explain his dog problem. Also refers to dogs own by Ashab-e-Kahaf. Think he is a closet dog lover.

Murtaza Solangi

Munawar Hasan and other Jamaat leaders calling Hakeemullah Mehsud a martyr expose their contempt for the people of Pakistan!

Taha Siddiqui

Ppl arguing who is a martyr& who isn't, have taken up the role of God, forgetting tht religion talks of judgment day to decide such matters

Marvi Sirmed

How unfair. Calling a Shaheed an agent? Lahaula wala quwwa @mughalbha: TTP is Funded by RAW CIA Zaid Hamid

Asim Bajwa

Sacrifices of our shuhada & their families need no endorsement from Munawar Hassan. Such misguided statements deserve no comment

Tahir Ul Qadri

The word 'shaheed" is a blessed title and it is being misused #SaveTheState #Pakistan