Mosharraf Zaidi

Drone-lovers having field day. But we don't HAVE to quietly endure. Glad Mehsud dead but drones DO kill innocent people & they ARE illegal.

Imtiaz Gul

Hakimullah didn't spare even blind-folded 70 year old Col Imam, calling him a US agent before himself shooting him dead in 2011. Machoman!

Zahid Hussain

I have not seen Imran Khan so angry and upset when the TTP was killing innocent people as he is now on the death of Hakimullah.

Ejaz Haider

Ch N wants to review relations with the US; fine. Perhaps he should ask Sartaj Aziz who last Tuesday gave an ok report on US-Pak relations.

Mohammad Malick

I hate drones but that does not mean I love terrorists. There's more to life than either or.

Rehman Malik

Dear all, pl remember my statement on dialogue with Taliban that hostile/anti Pak elements will not allow this to happen. Nation needs unity.

Umar Cheema

Govt is playing smart: Running with the hare and hunting with the hound (on Hakimullah's killing).

Nasim Zehra

Hakeemullah Mehsud was a killer, a terrorist & v seem to be mourning his death. God Bless us and save us from ourselves

Talat Aslam

The perils of a weekly: The News on Sunday special report on drones went to press before Hakimullah's killing. Still very pertinent though

Quatrina Hosain

No tears shed for HuM but wish talks had been given chance to succeed or fail. Doubt is a terrible thing in times of war.