Nadeem Paracha

This has become a myopic race between PMLN and PTI about who can condemn drone strikes faster & louder than the other.

Saima Mohsin

Double edged sword for #Pakistan? Relief a terrorist leader is dead or mourn the destruction of a planned peace process??

Tahir Ul Qadri

It was obligatory upon PM Sharif to have discussed the mandate to mandate to prevent #drones which was discussed in the APC #IneptSystem

Shireen Mazari

Strange how govt told us US will ease off drones after PM's visit & 2 drone strikes sabotage peace talks just as they were to commence!

Jan Achakzai

Drone attack is a strategic loss to peace efforts in Pakistan happened when US publicly supported internal reconciliation.

Bushra Gohar

Hakimullah's terror networks operated with impunity as State ceded to writ to all shades of terrorists. Time to establish writ in FATA

Sherry Rehman

Hmehsud should not be valourized, even if his death was at the hands of a US drone. Pakistan govt needs to set its red liners on terrorism too.