Marvi Sirmed

Kudos to #MQM for standing their ground in #NA today on Negotiations with Taliban. Rest have played a selfish politics. Progressive parties?

Huma Yusuf

Government has simultaneously announced peace talks with #TTP & imminent military operation in NWA. When will this drama end?

Adil Najam

For those who are deafened by the echoes of our own silence: There is only one way to break the silence. It is, to speak up…

Mehreen Zahra-Malik

A reporter, a columnist, a retired army major and ex-envoy walk into peace talks with Taliban. They would’ve been better off going to a bar…

Murtaza Solangi

No counter-terror expert, no senior govt functionary with any institutional memory, no religious expert & no politician. What a committee!

Raza Rumi

After a clear-headed diagnosis, Nawaz Sharif back to square one: 4 member peace talks committee. Most sympathetic to ‘our own people’.

Nasim Zehra

Yes to a time-bound dialogue seeking TTP’s voluntary disarming & its surrender to the writ of the State-all within Constitutional parameters.

Mohammad Malick

Expect terrorists to play dialogue to buy time but things are inevitably moving towards the inevitable. Finally, and hopefully!

Zahid Hussain

Disgusting. Begging murderers for talks. Nothing shakes the rulers. Dialogue with Taliban top priority of govt: Nisar


Those who want to negotiate with terrorists, are indirectly protecting terrorists and strengthening their wrong philosophy. #Pakistan