Sherry Rehman

President, Jinnah Institute

The people of Pakistan are giving the #Kartarpur opening its own momentum along with peace-seeking Indians. @SushmaSwaraj needs to realise that the maturer response for India would be yes,we will add voice to betting on peace,and take the next opportunity to talk which is SAARC


Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pakistan

On behalf of Pakistan I have extended an invitation to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj @SushmaSwaraj ,Capt Amarinder Singh @capt_amarinder & Navjot Singh Sidhu @sherryontopp to attend the groundbreaking ceremony at #Kartarpura on 28 Nov, 2018. #PakistanKartarpuraSpirit


Mohammed Hanif

Author & Journalist

Everyone else was talking abt Baba Guru Nanak. Imran Khan is talking about Imran Khan.


Murtaza Solangi


Imran Khan would have made history, had he invited opposition leaders in the #Kartarpur ceremony today but I guess the establishment supported myopic Khan didn’t want to give national ownership to the initiative that has been supported across the board.


Dr. Mohammad Faisal‏

Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan

The journey begins. We move towards the peace which has remained elusive. A huge success for #Pakistan. A dream coming true for the Sikhs #Kartarpur #Islamabad #PakistanKartarpurSpirit


Asma Shirazi‏


Historical day today. Stone of love and peace laid down .Much appreciated effort by @ImranKhanPTI and COAS#GeneralBajwa @sherryontopp #Kartarpur. Congratulations #Pakistan #India


Shireen Mazari

Federal Minister for Human Rights, Pakistan

Decision to open Kartarpura corridor esp for Sikh pilgrims from India is a principled position based on simply doing what is right. Not linked to demands 4 reciprocity from India, Pak govt has taken this step bec it is the right thing to do – allow ppl access to their holy places


Hasan Zaidi

Minister of State for Revenue, Government of Pakistan

Indian govt increasingly comes across as that petulant kid who wants to play in the street cricket game everyone’s already enjoying but keeps nitpicking about playing conditions and pretending he’s too above it all to care much about.


Hamid Mir


Dear madam you said that govt of India will be represented by your two colleagues at Kartarpur sahib but today you said that two Indian ministers are going to Pakistan in their personal capacity anyhow we welcome two Indian ministers in their personal capacity


Khawaja M. Asif

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Opening of Kartarpur corridor is a good gesture for peace in subcontinent & a message of amity for Sikhs.But India is downplaying the event & response is not encouraging..Such initiatives must bring dividends,I am afraid not in this case..


Navjot Singh Sidhu

India Politician, Former Cricketer

The Kartarpur Spirit can make pilgrims of us all, venturing out on a journey that breaks the barriers of history and opens the borders of the heart and the mind. A journey that our people can walk together towards, a future of shared peace and prosperity for India and Pakistan.


Suhasini Haidar

Diplomatic Affairs Editor, The Hindu

Totally mixed and confusing messaging by the government on Kartarpur. Easier to say, “We won’t talk, respond, send ministers to Pakistan etc…. Until we will”


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