Arif Alvi

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

PM reinstates death penalty and abolishes moratorium on death sentences in terrorism related cases. Good move & would help curb terrorism.


Munawar Bhatti

Former Ambassador

Immediate end to moratorium on death penalty is must to send clear message to terrorists.


Rafia Zakaria

Columnist, Dawn

Given #Pakistan’s broken judiciary, the only people put to death by reinstatement of death penalty will be the poor & innocent. #PeshawarAttack


Cyril Almeida

Columnist, Dawn

Am opposed to the death penalty. Somehow get the feeling many others will oppose it, for very different reasons, in Mumtaz Qadri’s case. Taseer.


Reema Omer

Legal Advisor, ICJ

Hanging terrorists might satiate feelings of revenge and anger, but does nothing to fight terrorism or the fascistic mindset that fuels it.


Zarrar Khuhro


So, are we hanging Mumtaz Qadri anytime soon?


Quatrina Hosain

Anchor, Abb Tak

Death penalty moratorium lifted. But should be used judiciously against mass murderers. Many on death row in Pakistani jails shouldn’t be there.


Ansar Abbasi


No to moratorium on death penalty. Publicly hang convicted terrorists, target killers, rapists, kidnappers & those involved in heinous crime.


Saba Imtiaz


The death penalty will fix nothing. There has been no evidence in Pakistan to show it deters militancy.


Huma Yusaf

Columnist, Dawn

Not sure how death penalty will deter terrorists who have no regard for life, their own or anyone else’s?


Asma Chaudhry

Anchor, Channel 24

A first step in the right direction. PM Nawaz Sharif orders immediate implementation of the death penalty on all terrorism related cases.


Fatima Bhutto


Those who defend death penalty, please think – if nothing else – of the innocents in jail who will die now. Hudood, Blasphemy, Aasia.


Umar Cheema

Reporter, The News

It took 141 lives in #PeshawerSchoolAttack, nevertheless, a bold decision of PM Sharif to lift moratorium on death penalty in terror cases.


Shehrbano Taseer


Finding it tough to celebrate more murder. #DeathPenalty


Beena Sarwar

Media Consultant

Question: What is the benefit of hanging someone already willing to die for their cause? How will it counter terrorism?


Ali Dayan

Human Rights Activist

Sanity from Dawn on death penalty: ‘The death penalty will always remain a cruel and inhumane form of punishment.’


Omar Quraishi

Editor, Express Tribune

Express Tribune online poll asking readers if they support the death penalty for terrorism cases — 93% said ‘Yes’


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