Sherry Rehamn

President, Jinnah Institute

18th #SAARC summit in 30 years. Will it ever come out of the India-Pakistan conflict shadow to level up its potential as a regional powerhouse?


Maryam N. Sharif

Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N)

South Asian countries need to fight poverty rather than fight with each other.


Afrasiab Khattak

Awami National Party (ANP)

Pakistani delegations had to travel Islamabad-Doha-Kathmandu to take part in People’s SAARC. South Asian Disconnect!


Maleeha Lodhi

Former Ambassador

If Modi is setting new rules of engagement, that doesn’t mean Pakistan has to accept. PM Nawaz has made it clear Kashmir is central to Pak agenda


Munawar Bhatti

Former Ambassador

Perhaps to celebrate 18th SAARC Summit, Indian troops again resort to provocative firing on Pakistan territory in Sialkot sector.


Omar Quraishi

Editor, Express Tribune

SAARC Summit boils down to will they or won’t they – shake hands that is – and they finally did it: PMs of India & Pakistan meet informally.


Raza Rumi

Political Analyst

The way forward for economic integration: RT @PTI_News: India will now give business visa for 3-5 years for SAARC countries: PM Modi.


Mehreen Zahra Malik

Correspondent, Reuters

At UNGA, Modi rebukes #Pakistan for Kashmir obsession. At #SAARC, Pakistan rebuffed by #India over bigger #China role in Saarc. What’s next?


Nasim Zehra

Anchor, Capital TV

Nawaz-Modi will meet in Kathmandu but will Modi see wisdom in engaging on Kashmir?


Mehr Tarar


PM Modi not greeting PM Sharif doesn’t make much sense, since neither of them was in power in 2008. How will the silence end the enmity ever?


Marvi Sirmed


​​N​awaz ​S​harif​ is at SAARC. Time for Pakistani media to think of negative headlines. Or maybe they’d receive editorial help from…. ahem the big Boss?


Benazir Shah

Reporter, Newsweek

In Nepal, Sharif feasted on fish, organic chicken, mutton. For dessert, he preferred saffron kheer.​


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