Ali Dayan Hasan

by:  Ali Dayan Hasan

Ali Dayan Hasan before taking over as Pakistan Director, Ali Dayan Hasan served as Human Rights Watch’s South Asia researcher since 2003 and has specialized expertise in Pakistan. Hasan is...

Dr. Akmal Hussain

by:  Dr. Akmal Hussain

Dr. Akmal Hussain is an economist and specializes in development and institution-building for overcoming poverty. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Working Group on Poverty Reduction Strategy and Human...
Specialisation in Political Economy

Dr. S Akbar Zaidi

by:  Dr. S Akbar Zaidi

Dr. S Akbar Zaidi is an independent economist based in Karachi, with specialisation in political economy. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Columbia University, with a joint position at...
former Federal Minister

Ahsan Iqbal

by:  Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan Iqbal is the current information secretary of PML-N, the former Federal Minister for Education and an elected member of the National Assembly. He has been previously appointed as Chief...