Nasim Zehra

by:  Nasim Zehra

Nasim Zehra is a prominent expert on foreign affairs and national security. As an analyst on Pakistan’s political experiences and international security issues, Ms. Zehra has written and lectured widely...

Shahnaz Wazir Ali

by:  Shahnaz Wazir Ali

Shahnaz Wazir Ali has an illustrious career as an educationist, development policy specialist, a member of the Pakistan Peoples Party twice elected to National Assembly of Pakistan, Special Assistant to...
Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary

Ambassador Najmuddin Shaikh

by:  Ambassador Najmuddin Shaikh

Ambassador Najmuddin Shaikh served as Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary from April 1994 to February 1997. Having joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1961, Ambassador Shaikh has 38 years of service...
Chairperson National Commission

Ms. Khawar Mumtaz

by:  Ms. Khawar Mumtaz

Ms. Khawar Mumtaz is currently serving as Chairperson National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW). She brings almost 30 years of experience in advocacy on human rights, women’s empowerment...

Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain

by:  Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain

Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain is Professor and the Chair of the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Prior to this, he has served as the Chair...
Political and Strategic Analyst

Shuja Nawaz

by:  Shuja Nawaz

Shuja Nawaz is a political and strategic analyst. He has worked on projects with RAND, the United States Institute of Peace, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, The Atlantic...
Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan

Shahid Hafiz Kardar

by:  Shahid Hafiz Kardar

Shahid Hafiz Kardar is an economist and currently serving as the 16th Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. Mr. Kardar had also served as Minister for Finance, Planning &...
Secretary for Defence Production

General Talat Masood

by:  General Talat Masood

General Talat Masood served in the Pakistani Army for 39 years, retiring in 1990 as Secretary for Defence Production in the Ministry of Defence. Prior to this, Lt. Gen. Masood...
Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy

Stephen Cohen

by:  Stephen Cohen

Stephen Cohen is senior fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution. He is an expert on Pakistan, India, and South Asian security. He is an emeritus professor at...
Former Governor

Ishrat Hussain

by:  Ishrat Hussain

Ishrat Hussain Ishrat Husain is a renowned economist and former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. A recipient of Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Husain has served as Chairman, National Commission for Government...