Lockdown Paradox

by:  Abid Hasan

Expand Ehsaas, Extend Lockdown Pakistan’s health crisis could explode, gravely crippling the economy and national security, if the lockdown is lifted prematurely. The whole world is grappling with the lives...

Lockdown Paradox

by:  Haris Gazdar

Analytics or Values Is there a trade-off between saving lives and saving livelihoods? Individuals make decisions about this more often than they might notice.  There are too many hazardous occupations...
Special Feature | COVID-19

Health Advisory for Pakistan During COVID-19: Reducing Transmission of COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings

by:  Dr. Hasan Naveed, Professor Christopher Liu

Protecting healthcare workers and patients Advice to hospitals in Pakistan SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus, is highly efficient in person-to-person transmission, and for a relatively low infective dose. It spreads by...

Troubling Times

16 Days of Activism

Asia Advisory

The Turkish Skirmish

by:  Muhammad Amir Khan

The Latest Turkey’s military operation in Syria came to a 120-hour pause after US Vice President Mike Pence, visited Ankara to discuss the ceasefire in a meeting with President Erdogan....
Asia Advisory

Trade and Tribulations

by:  Arsalaan Nazir

Are the United States and China engaged in a cold war lite? The shift in US-China relations towards contestation, rather than cooperation, has expanded. Many within the US administration increasingly...
Second Opinion

A Deal Too Far?

After months of speculation about an impending peace deal between the US and the Taliban, the failure of the Trump administration to clinch a hard fought negotiated settlement has thrown...
Asia Advisory

Indo-Pak Tensions Cloud SCO Moot

Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) countries, including India and Pakistan, met in Bishkek for the 19th Leaders’ Summit on Friday. Despite speculation around the possibility of a more...
Asia Advisory

Beijing’s riposte to the Huawei ban

In an escalating trade war, China has announced that it is looking to restrict exports of rare earth minerals to the United States. Rare earth minerals – there are 17...