Climate Brief 2022: Navigating Pakistan’s Climate Crisis

by:  Salman Zaidi, Meera Nadeem, Abdulla Wasti & Zahaid Rehman

Introduction Existential challenges require concerted action, consensus and policy clarity. So far, on climate stress, Pakistan seems to be (more…)

South Asia in Transition: Finding Stability in the Third Nuclear Age

by:  Sitara Noor

Introduction The month of May marked 23 years since Pakistan and India tested their atomic bombs and gatecrashed (more…)

Caught in the Crossfire: The Dilemma of Fisherfolk Prisoners

by:  Abdulla Wasti, Meera Nadeem and Zahaid Rehman

The arrest of fisherfolk of India and Pakistan on the maritime border between the two countries (more…)
Policy Brief

Reaping a Poor Harvest: Food Security in a Pandemic

by:  Fauzia Yazdani & Shirin Gul

Among other disruptions taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic was the periodic shortage of food staples in Pakistan over 2020. (more…)
Policy Brief

Asia’s Rise to Economic Prominence: Stakes for South Asia

by:  Saad Rajput

Asia’s Resurgence Longer term analyses of globalisation demonstrate how historical supply chains have sustained across regions, (more…)
Policy Brief

Confronting Pakistan’s Climate Reality: Shifting Paradigms

by:  Hassaan Sipra

Executive Summary Pakistan’s high vulnerability to climate change necessitates an urgent response. (more…)
Policy Brief

Broadening Pakistan’s Search for Geopolitical Stability in a Contested Neighborhood

by:  Fahd Humayun

As tensions both in and around South Asia rise, this policy brief maps the most salient geopolitical stressors that require Islamabad’s attention as Pakistan looks to rebuild and repair a...
Policy Brief

Tackling Climate Change During a Pandemic

by:  Shafqat Kakakhel

Introduction The lockdowns prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic have caused massive disruptions in economic and commercial activities all over the world. (more…)
Policy Brief

Leave No One Behind: Including Women in the Afghan Transition

by:  Ammara Durrani

“Some members of the Taliban delegation were looking at me. A few were taking notes. Some others were just looking elsewhere…Since our side had women delegates, I suggested to them...
Policy Brief

Farthest Field: Women and COVID-19

by:  Farzana Bari, Sara Malkani

Gender and COVID-19 by Dr. Farzana Bari Heralded as the greatest equaliser of our times, the coronavirus pandemic was expected to blur boundaries of class, race, and gender, and become...