Policy Brief

Love in the Time of Corona: A Time to Build South Asian Cooperation

by:  Nazish Afraz

“Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and...
Policy Brief

Parliament and the Pandemic

by:  Sherry Rehman

Introduction Parliament’s role in managing, scrutinizing and leading Pakistan’s fight against COVID-19 and its potential dangers is critical to coherent outcomes.  With the situation in Pakistan still at a stage...
Policy Brief

India, Pakistan and the Pandemic: Community of Shared Future?

by:  Haroon Sharif

India, Pakistan and the Pandemic: Community of Shared Future? Abstract Crises are often the crucible for old challenges to be addressed in new ways. The COVID-19 pandemic may just force...
Policy Brief

Integrating Transgender Persons: Towards Inclusive Policymaking

by:  Mariam Ali Bokhari & Muhammad Amir Khan

Giving transgender persons a fuller measure of their citizenship rights in Pakistan has been a staple objective of political party manifestos since the last three elections. Several legislative and policy...
Policy Brief

Budget 2019-2020: Inequality and Public Policy

by:  Safiya Aftab

Inequality is believed to drive conflict and destabilize society, and thus indirectly retard economic growth. On a more fundamental level, though, inequality undermines the principles of social justice and preservation...
Policy Brief

War to Lawfare – Spotlighting the India-Pakistan Conflict

by:  Professor Sikander Ahmed Shah and Professor Uzair J. Kayani

Lawfare, or the use of legal fora and devices for military and diplomatic advantage, has become a critical component of South Asia’s dynamic conflict landscape. In the context of the...
Policy Brief

A Constitutional History of Water in Pakistan

by:  Ahmad Rafay Alam

What exactly is water law? The answer is elusive. Water itself is fascinating. It adopts the shape of the vessel it occupies. Different vessels, different shapes. And for each shape,...
Policy Brief

Terrorism in the Age of New Media

by:  Meera Nadeem

In an age of connectivity and increasingly porous national borders, threats to global security transcend limitations imposed by geography and conventional application of force. The realm of new media provides...
Policy Brief

Not Losing Advantage over India’s Catch-22 on the Indus Treaty

by:  Ahmad Rafay Alam

India, Pakistan and the World Bank have reached an impasse over issues of the Kishenganga and Ratle hydropower power plants. Both countries met at Secretary level talks held in the...
Policy Brief

A Comparative Analysis of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill

by:  Daanika Kamal

Despite uncertainty and questions over implementation and investigation mechanisms, the Pakistan’s Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill (2016) became operational just days after it was passed. The first case of cybercrime...