The Uncertain Future of US Aid to Pakistan

by:  Syed Mohammad Ali

As tensions between Pakistan and the US continue to fester, and as the US itself teeters on the verge of bankruptcy due to its staggering debt crisis, the future of...
Policy Brief

Pakistan, the United States and the End Game in Afghanistan: Perceptions of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Elite

As the so-called “end game” in Afghanistan approaches, the momentum is growing to find an amicable solution to the conflict. The U.S. and other troop contributing countries are committed to...

Eroding the vote banks: IDPs in Karachi

In September 2010, the Jinnah Institute carried out a series of focus groups with flood victims living in Karachi’s relief camps. The focus of the study was to assess the...
Conference and Research reports

A Question of Faith: A Report on the Status of Religious Minorities in Pakistan

Why a report on the status of religious minorities? As part of the Jinnah Institute’s Open Democracy initiative, “A Question of Faith’: A Report on the Status of Religious Minorities...

Islamabad Dialogue

Jinnah Institute is pleased to present a brief report on the discussions that took place at the Indo-Pak Islamabad Dialogue at the Track II level on April 28th and 29th,...

Anatomy of a Gang Rape

by:  Urooj Zia

After almost nine years spanning multiple courts of Pakistan, gang-rape victim Mukhtar Mai’s legal battle against her rapists finally came to an end on 21 April 2011 in the apex...
Policy Brief

India Pakistan Relations: The Way Forward

The resumption of dialogue between India and Pakistan in 2011 has revived the hope that the two countries would make a renewed effort to resolve their bilateral problems. The dialogue...
Policy Brief

Women in the Media

by:  Sabina Ansari

This policy brief examines the current representation of women in Pakistan`s national media landscape, which includes the status of women in the media industry, the portrayal of women in mainstream...
Policy Brief

Pakistan’s Eight Great Education Debates

by:  Sehar Tariq

Pakistan’s education sector confronts a number of serious policy challenges. Jinnah Institute’s Paper “Pakistan’s Eight Great Education Debates” analyzes critical policy debates confronting the education sector and proposes policy solutions...
Policy Brief

Gender Sensitization for Conflict Management and Resolution

by:  Sehar Tariq

An analysis of the impact of ongoing conflicts and law and order disturbances on Pakistani women; their systematic exclusion from peace building and policy recommendations for a more gender sensitive...