Policy Brief

A Comparative Analysis of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill

by:  Daanika Kamal

Despite uncertainty and questions over implementation and investigation mechanisms, the Pakistan’s Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill (2016) became operational just days after it was passed. The first case of cybercrime...
Policy Brief

Reforming the Tribal Areas of Pakistan

by:  Saad Rasool

The demand for extending democracy to the tribal areas of Pakistan is not a new one. Often conflated with terrorism and border-fragility in international news, the Tribal Areas of Pakistan...
Policy Brief

Accommodating Gender-Sensitive Micro Enterprises

by:  Daanika Kamal

The 2007 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Policy defines SMEs as all enterprises that employ less than 250 people and make an annual sum of under 250 million rupees. However,...
Policy Brief

Working to Counter Terrorism: Prospects for Pakistan-India Intelligence & Security Cooperation

by:  Fahd Humayun

Pakistan and India share one of the most crisis- and risk-prone relationships in contemporary international politics. While the challenge posed to this relationship by the spectre of transnational terrorism is...
Policy Brief

Beyond Stabilization – Moving Towards a Growth Economy

by:  Ali Khizar

The growth trajectory of Pakistan’s economy has remained visibly low since 2008. Over the years, supply side bottlenecks owing to persistent energy shortages and inefficiencies within the sector have strained...
Policy Brief

Restructuring Pakistan’s Devolved Family Planning Services

by:  Safieh Shah

In 2014, Pakistan’s population was estimated at being over 188 million making it the world’s sixth-most populous country. Since the census in 1951, the population has quadrupled while the urban...
Policy Brief

Developing a Progressive Internet Policy for Pakistan

by:  Jahanzaib Haque

Increasing levels of internet use and accessibility have given rise to significant challenges across the world; Pakistan has not been an exception. However, the response to these challenges at the...
Policy Brief

Political Integration and Affirmative Legislation for Minorities in Pakistan

by:  Peter Jacob

The recent spate of violence against Pakistan’s religious minorities culminated in the dehumanizing murder of Shama and Shehzad – a Christian couple from Kot Radha Kishan. The couple were beaten...
Policy Brief

ISIS Eyes Influence in Pakistan – Focus, Fears & Future Prospects

by:  Hassan Abbas

The rapidly expanding militant force in Iraq and Syria known globally by its Arabic acronym Daesh (al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham) or in English ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq...
Policy Brief

Reimagining Human Rights in Pakistan

by:  Asad Jamal

A rising graph of extremism in Pakistan has triggered alarm on the plummeting standards of human rights protections and entitlements across the country. The recent burning of a Christian couple...