Annual Report (2020-2021)

Jinnah Institute is an independent policy research and public advocacy think tank in Pakistan. The Institute advances the causes of: • Democratic institution building and strengthening state capacity for delivery...

Preserving Gains: The Fate of Afghan Women

by:  Meera Nadeem & Abdulla Wasti

As the map of who controls Afghanistan changes by the hour, the most affected on the ground remain women (more…)
Post COVID Futures

Chapter 2: Past the Tipping Point: Why Pakistan’s Low Emitter Argument Won’t Work

by:  Rafay Alam

July’s flash flood in Islamabad was triggered by a “cloudburst” that swept cars away in high tide (more…)

South Asia in Transition: Finding Stability in the Third Nuclear Age

by:  Sitara Noor

Introduction The month of May marked 23 years since Pakistan and India tested their atomic bombs and gatecrashed (more…)
Post COVID Futures

Chapter 1: Pakistan’s Macroeconomy and the Covid-19 Pandemic

by:  Dr. Asad Sayeed and Dr. Aqdas Afzal

Nothing has had a more deleterious impact on the global economy in about a century since the Great Depression (more…)

Recalibrating Priorities

by:  Zahaid Rehman

With a little over four months left till the US’ self-imposed deadline for withdrawal in Afghanistan, the narrative has shifted (more…)

Terms for Peace

by:  Sherry Rehman

As Pakistan lurches through its worst wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, talk of peace with India fuels (more…)

Caught in the Crossfire: The Dilemma of Fisherfolk Prisoners

by:  Abdulla Wasti, Meera Nadeem and Zahaid Rehman

The arrest of fisherfolk of India and Pakistan on the maritime border between the two countries (more…)

Of Signals and Compulsions

by:  Fahd Humayun

It’s early days yet, but after a period of protracted turbulence, the India-Pakistan relationship seems to be steadying. (more…)
Policy Brief

Reaping a Poor Harvest: Food Security in a Pandemic

by:  Fauzia Yazdani & Shirin Gul

Among other disruptions taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic was the periodic shortage of food staples in Pakistan over 2020. (more…)